Currently, I lead product at Mopid, where we are working on recruitment automation.
This might sound contradictory, but we're not just automating tasks, we're building AI that understands the nuances of hiring, from identifying the right talent to building personalized candidate experiences.


Got into product at Examarly, learnt a lifetime there.
Although Examarly is now defunct, I work with the same founders at Mopid, who now feel like family. Examarly was a study planner, which charted a study plan for students based on their preparation level and exam date. It was a great product, but there wasn't that much of a market for EdTech.

I also graduated with a degree in computer science engineering this same year.


This was the year I got into my first corporate job at Unstop
Pandemic. Online classes. Got a refferal from a friend. Got the job. Got mentored. Exceeded expectations. Got promoted. Didn't get paid rightfully. Got refferal from a colleague. Got a better job. Felt like a fresh learning opportunity. Left gracefully.